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Western Paragliding Association

After picking up some basic skills, it is time to leave the nest and we have made  arrangements to fly other sites. Camps are run by experienced students who are familiar with the site and flying conditions. Since everyone is  out to have fun at camps, we will not usually undertake training at camps. Our base for training will continue to be Bombay.

We recommend sea breeze sites and other places where the flying is easy and comfortable to those on their first camp. The more challenging sites or weather conditions can be kept for later. During one's first camp, it is best to take on such flying that is comfortably within your ability.

Camps are a good opportunity to meet pilots from other schools, and to learn by observation and discussion. Obviously only those who have attained some proficiency will be able to participate in these camps. We expect you to attain level 3 of the recommended international standards, or near, before you can share the sky with others during our camps.

Everyone, whether flying or for fun, is welcome to join our camps. Since people make their travel and residential arrangements according to their convenience, there is no cover charge. Some of the best things in life are free!

Do Visit these links for more information about courses, camps, schools, who can fly and some useful information on international paragliding standards and frequently answered questions.

You could also visit our site which is, among other things, about paragliding sites.

Clubhouse: 1st floor 9 'A' Yasmin Manzil, Sai Hill Nagar, Kopri, Virar (E)