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Western Paragliding Association

The course starts at Bombay. Day one is usually on a weekday as this is the most critical part of early training. After your first flight, you can participate according to your convenience since training is individual rather than batch oriented.

There are no real limits to our course. Many of our students have been flying with us for years and there are no recurring charges or expenses. But there are two things we ask of you....

1. You must fit in with the team and be part of it. We will review the position after your first season, or 20 flights, whichever is earlier. We'd expect, by that time, that you have been flying regularly, reading and studying about the sport and participating and helping with all the activities on and off the field. If you are unwilling to give this sport the dedicated attention it deserves, this would be a good time to find another school. On the other hand, if you have worked towards a long term relationshionship, it will be yours. In the long run, the Western Paragliding Association is run by people like you, so we'd expect you to become part of the team and work with us to reach your goals.

2. After 20 flights on our wings or one flying season, whichever is earlier, we expect you to either buy equipment or join an equipment pool. Our pool system has been one of our strengths. Four or five people pool together and buy a used glider which they share among themselves. This makes the sport more affordable. We also deal in new equipment and can provide it if required but recommend that you keep expenses low during the first couple of seasons.

You'll find us working all weekends, and some weekdays too,. You can join the course at any time you wish except from June to September when we close for the rains.

Our course fees are Rs. 15000/-. Once you enrol, there are no refunds under any circumstances. There are no further expenses either (except what you spend on your own equipment), and we hope to offer more as our resources increase

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Clubhouse: 1st floor 9 'A' Yasmin Manzil, Sai Hill Nagar, Kopri, Virar (E)