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Welcome to the Western Paragliding Association. This is your first step towards a new and fascinating adventure. Everything begins with a dream. Here's one dream you can realise.

The better way to learn about the sport and the WPA is to spend a day with us on the field and and see exactly what you're getting into. You can also talk to others who have flown before you and make inquires about our school and it's reputation.
Do visit other schools as well, so you are aware of the difference. Once you're sure that you're in with the right people, we can start training.
Western Paragliding Association
This is where we begin, at a small friendly hill just five hundred feet high. It's a good hill for beginners and we've made flights that lasted for over three hours on this hill.

Your first flying day

You start off by learning to handle the paraglider on the ground, get familiar with the equipment, and practice the art of launching. Each task is clearly defined, so you know from your own performance exactly when you are ready to fly.

Learning to launch is the  first lesson. It could take a day - maybe longer.

You take off by climbing a hill, laying out the sail and running into the wind. An experienced pilot will assist you.

Here's what a short hop looks like

Paragliders are so simple and easy to control that once you lift off, the rest is a breeze. There are only two controls, one in each hand, to steer the glider. A simple briefing takes care of exactly what you do with them, but just to make sure, we guide you to a safe landing.

The rest, we'll work on together. There are no real limits when striving for excellence, except those you set for yourself.

People often asked whether they can come over to watch. Sure, we'd be happy to have you around even if you don't plan to fly. You don't need an appointment but it's a good idea to call up before coming.
Do Visit the links below for more information about courses, camps, schools, who can fly and some useful information on international paragliding standards and frequently answered questions.

Clubhouse: 1st floor 9 'A' Yasmin Manzil, Sai Hill Nagar, Kopri, Virar (E)