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Western Paragliding Association


This is a paraglider

Note the slender wing like shape. It has no solid parts and can be folded and carried in a backpack.

A Parachute

..And these are parachutes



And parasails..

Which you use for rides on the beach

Parasail - Differences between parasail and paraglider

Here's a hang glider


A Hang Glider - it has a solid frame

When you fix an engine and an undercarriage on a hang glider it becomes a trike. There are similar variants of paragliders too. A Powered Hang Glider

Do Visit the links below for more information about courses, camps, schools, who can fly and some useful information on international paragliding standards and frequently answered questions.

Clubhouse: 1st floor 9 'A' Yasmin Manzil, Sai Hill Nagar, Kopri, Virar (E)