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 Q. What is a "Paraglider"?

A. If you've looked at the site there are plenty of paraglider pictures there so you already have some idea of what it looks like. A paraglider is a wing , just like the wing on an aeroplane or bird, and obeys the same rules. It derives lift by its forward motion through the air. There are simple controls, just a pair of strings called brakes or toggles which are used to control it's speed and direction.

Q. Is a Paraglider a parachute?

A. No.  Although there are similarities between a sky diving canopy and a paraglider they are essentially two different things. Parachutes are used for jumping from aeroplanes and are descending devices. Paragliders cannot be used to jump from aeroplanes and are usually meant for ascending in ridge lift or in thermals.

Q. What is the difference between a Hang-glider and a Paraglider? (Go here for pictures of hang glider, parachute, parasail and paraglider)

A. A Hang-glider has a rigid structure, unlike a paraglider. It flies faster, goes farther, and looks somewhat like a kite. Unlike a paraglider you cannot just fold it up and pack it into a little bag. Otherwise,  hang gliders have much in common with paragliders  as they are both used for the same purpose - gliding.

Q. How much does a Paraglider cost?

A. In India, a used paraglider costs about Rs 35,000/- a new one around Rs 70,000/- or possibly more depending on who's buying and who's selling.

Q. How long does a Paraglider last?

A. A couple of years for used gliders and 3-4 years for new ones. UV causes the fabric to deteriorate so paragliders should not be kept out in the hot sun any more than necessary.

Q. Can paragliding be dangerous?

A. Yes - if you want to make it so.
If you understand your limits and fly carefully  paragliding can be a safe and forgiving sport for you. This is what learning to fly is all about. It's a step by step process where safety is never compromised in the learning process, and every bit of progress is achieved without pushing ones limits. 
On the other hand, paragliding and hang gliding are called extreme sports with good reason. If you choose to fly dangerously, you can turn these safe sports into an extreme ones very quickly. Beyond a certain threshold determined by your skills, experience, and the conditions in which you fly, second chances are rare. The choice of flying safely lies with you.

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