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A brief History of ...

     In the beginning one guy went to Goa in quest of the unusual. There he met Dick Jones  who taught him to fly.  But he couldn't keep flying without  taking one course after another, so he decided to find a way. The WPA is the way he founded.

Paragliding is a happy experience if you can fly with friends in a safe and friendly and supportive environment. It's even better when you do not have greedy people dipping into your pocket all the time. We haven't  yet mastered the art of  flying for free but we've made a damn good beginning.

Dick Jones demonstrates a reverse launch at Poona.

Starting is always an uphill task and we failed the first time. Our 'instructors' ran away and left us poorer but wiser. Ten pilots learned to fly on our second attempt and we learned  from our experience. If you want the job done right you have to do it yourself.

Our skills were limited to one glider pilot who had some paragliding experience, Silin Hu, a rock climber and hang glider pilot, and Venugopal Warrior who had picked up the sport the earlier season. The three of us honed our skills, studied the conditions on our training slopes, and started training.  In a short time we were offering better training than the so called experts we had retained earlier.

We have progressed, and have an excellent  record of safety, a few frightening incidents but no accidents. And we have succeeded in making  paragliding inexpensive, accessible and easy. The  WPA is  one big family, which is why we can offer so much for so little. We strive to expand your horizons, and make flying, one of the high points in your life.

Our own history is part of the history of paragliding in Western India. It began with Dick Jones and most of the schools in this region were started by his students, or ours. Here's his own description of the History of Paragliding in Western India


Clubhouse: 1st floor 9 'A' Yasmin Manzil, Sai Hill Nagar, Kopri, Virar (E)