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We will provide a list of schools here when a link is specifically requested. Meanwhile any search engine like www.google.com www.infoseek.com etc will give you a list of other schools so you can make an informed choice. Try Paragliding, India and you'll find enough schools to keep you busy for awhile.

A short word about standards and certification. There is no need for a licence to fly in India. You would be advised to check any school offering a licence to see whether it is recognised by the Civil Aviation Department, which is the only authority in India which can grant flying licences. At this point of time the CAD does not grant any of paragliding   licences, nor has it authorised any one to do so.

The same applies to other standards, be they American, British, Swiss, German etc. If an authentic licence is granted, all these authorities either put up the lists of licences on their site or confirm that such a licence is genuine either by email or snailmail. If they don't, you can guess how valid  these 'licences' are. We would be glad to help you verify a licence if you have difficulty in doing so.

Having said this, the FAI standards for paragliding, which are generally accepted international standards, can be found here. You could use them to check things for yourself. The document is quite friendly, though, it is easier to understand if you know something about paragliding.

Do Visit these links for more information about courses, camps, schools, who can fly and some useful information on international paragliding standards and frequently answered questions.

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