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Even pigs can fly
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Anyone can fly. If you are in reasonable health, both physically and mentally, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot fly. We have a medical advisory form which guides you about which problems require your doctor's advice. Glasses are ok provided you can see properly, while wearing them. Height or lack of it is not a problem. If you are less than 45 kilos,  gliders are not generally built in this weight range but we will solve this problem soon. If you're fat, you'll definitely want to get thinner before meeting us and listening to the cruel jokes we make about fat people. And anyway, if for any reason we feel that flying is unsafe for you, we'll tell you so.

As regards mental health, it is generally considered that if you approach a nut doctor and tell him that you plan to fly a piece of cloth, his comments are most unlikely to be helpful. You're on your own there. This branch of the medical profession doesn't make helpful comments about us either.

You must be strongly motivated if you want to fly well. Ground handling is tiring work and so is climbing hills in the hot sun. It takes time and dedicated effort to become a good pilot and the feebly motivated will drop out sooner or later. That's why we take your money first. There are books to read, and plenty of other stuff that you require to do if you want to be a safe and independent flyer. It can be hard work or great fun - the choice lies with you.

Do Visit these links for more information about courses, camps, schools, who can fly and some useful information on international paragliding standards and frequently answered questions.

Here's how you carry a paraglider for short distances

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