Flying.......Is a dream every child dreams off .I too had those lovely dreams of becoming a pilot and flying high above in the sky.I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity,guidance and support to be able to realize this lovely dream . So with Gods grace,a lot of hard work and perseverance I became a pilot .Today after flying many thousands of hours on many types of aircraft, I still love flying and the dream continues.

Me and my plane


Parasailing in the Bahamas

Parasailing in the Bahamas

     On one of my flights, I happened to read  a beautiful article in the in-flight magazine about paragliding,and the dream happened again ,my eyes lit up,and my heart raced with the thought that I could also jump of a mountain supported by a flimsy glider made up of fabric and get airborne and fly like the birds or rather like Jonathan Livingston seagull,the bird who inspired me to become a good flyer . It was then that I met a wonderful man , who looked like a lost sadhu from some where in the Himalayas.I soon realized that he had a heart of gold and a spirit so pure . He took me under his wing and led me by my finger into the dream of the purest form of flying i.e paragliding,believe me nothing gets closer to flying like a bird  than paragliding inspite of all the technological advancement the world has achieved .The man who introduced me to this pure art of flying was none other than SIDNEY.Thank you Sidney

Well flying being my first love , I have spent most of my time with things related,but I am an adventurer to the core and love nature and  so almost every year I go on an adventure. 


Water is as exciting as the air,except that all the rules of physics are reversed ,so this got me all excited and I decided to explore the hidden secrets of the underwater world in the vast oceans.So I went to gorgeous Africa,Tanzania, to a lovely place called Dar e salaam and embarked on a mission to discover the mystic of the great Indian ocean ,it was a really unbelievable experience to see the under sea life which is totally out of this world .under water one feels absolutely weightless and free , so I decided to do my diving course and then went on to also do my advanced open water diver certification . I have since dived in the Bahamas and the famous red sea . the max depth I have dived to is 40m and as we go deeper the life forms keep changing and it gets darker and darker , diving is some thing which cannot be put into words , it is some thing to be experienced

Dolphin kissing me
A swim with the dolphins - Bahamas


The river Ganges is world famous for her holiness and all the temples and holy cities along her banks, but  I realized that she had a wild side to her as well . So a few friends and I , armed with fibre glass paddles and a rubber raft set out to tame the great river with all her water,rapids ,falls, holes, eddies etc etc.. it was then that we realized her power and battled for 5 days to cover the distance from Rudraprayag to Rishikesh about 140 km.We did make it back in one piece thought battle scared .This extreme sport is one of the most exhilarating , high energy, action packed,adrenaline pumping made me realize how small we are in comparison to mother nature and my respect for nature grew further.

Valley of the Flowers
The Valley of Flowers

Lake at 16,000'

Hemkund - Lake at sixeteen thousand feet -  Gharwal


Treks sound a little boring ,to most of the other adventure sports,but I was pleasantly surprised when I did undertake a few of them.I realized that trekking in the hills was a very tough and rewarding experience,it is a test of endurance,stamina,mental strength .it gave me a lot of satisfaction and of course the sights one sees are absolutely mind blowing.on my first trek I went into the Gharwal mountains and climbed upto 16000 feet covering  a total distance of 65km , it was really worth it as the beauty of the hills was breathtaking and all the tiredness vanished,the valley of flowers, hemkunt,neelkanth etc were stupendous,on my second trek I went to Himachal, and walked and climbed to 10000feet , the Dhouladhar mountain ranges took my breath away ,I am dying to go back to the hills as they are beckoning me , yes it can be very addictive ,


Hemhund Lake
Hemhund Lake

Tiger jungles in Nainital - Corbet National Park

     Me in my office

My office

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