Hi, I'm Clotie
I live in Bombay, and work  as a fashion designer whenever I feel like it.
Borivli National Park
My Dog - Bruno I like nature, the outdoors, adventure, gardening.

I'm particularly fond of animals. The picture is of me with my dog Bruno. He's dead now, and I share my house with three cats.

I have been  flying for some time now, and would like to learn skydiving, rock climbing, skiing, white water rafting, ..

I'm on the WPA committee for skydiving, so at least one of these ambitions might be fulfilled soon.

A new way to climb trees
Goa Here's me in Goa, one of my favourite places. This year I might be teaching paragliding there. I may also sign up as a bungee jumping Master (Trainee) so there's another dream that might come true.

Fashion design


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