You must pardon me for sitting under this fake tree. Good trees are getting harder to come by.

When not in the trees, I deviate towards natural surroundings. Since, of late,  these are getting scarce, I have been trying to make some so I can deviate thither, while my fellow pilots and friends have been helping, for altogether nobler and more altruistic reasons.

On a recent visit, Chanakya told me that someone who visited my page confused me for a holy man. The rest if this page is an effort to clearly dispel this notion.


Oldcock under a tree

Oldcock with the Flying Dutchman

Apart from the deviations already addressed I have more than a passing interest in witchcraft, sorcery and other occult subjects, wine, woman and song, bawdy verse,  entertaining unusual and eccentric people, searching for leprechauns and fishing.

The Flying Dutchman ( right) is one of those  unusual people who visits me. I met him in the sky above a lake in Goa, where he was flying without any clothes. This, he said, was   to save on the laundry bills and attain nirvana. Anyone who  carries out such excesses, particularly against the Laundrymen of Goa who, incidentally, are a very stuck-up and arrogant lot, is a soulmate and will surely attain enlightenment. In the picture, he's teaching me to lure water nymphs,  and diddle my laundryman by dressing in leaves.

And here is me at right angles to reality, which is what happens when you seduce nymphs. At the lower left (of the picture on the right) you will see patches of a strange colour which the hippies mistakenly call nirvana but is actually a disturbance in the time-space continuum caused by the flight of the Foobird.

The Ole Foo Bird is quite absurd,
for, round and round it flies.
It flaps it's wings and flies in rings
and circles through the skies
But when it's speed doth much exceed
such speeds as foobirds may,
Then twiddlededum it flies up it's (you know what)
and vanishes away
Composed by Bullshetty in a  moment of drunken inspiration - 1987

Which reminds me of a certain gliding instructor (another unusual person) who used to send me mail disguised as a nymph. It's not that he flies fast. He thinks  very quickly, so  imagine where his brains might be!


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Oldcock goes home



Quite unlike the Foo-Bird, I take life at a slow and easy pace,   which is probably why I'm still around. Well, I'll say bye now, it's time to get back up my tree. It's been nice meeting you and I hope you have a happy day.



I have very strong views on freedom, particularly when it concerns paragliding. They may be found here. Paragliding has given me life's most beautiful moments.


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