My name is Sheena Toor.I inherited my love for aerosports from my father who is a keen paratrooper and my love for adventure from my father mother and grandmother, all of them avid mountaineers.

My dad - skydiving
Playing with Krishna the Leopard Cub I have a penchant for outdoor life ,trekking, mountaineering and anything to do with nature and wilderness.
I am also very fond of horse riding. Me and my Hoss
Me and my dogs I love animals and I also love caring for them. I enjoy going for long runs with my pet dogs.

I do my bit for mother nature by planting trees with the W.P.A gang under the guidance of Old Cock

I am a fun loving person and I believe that to have fun, one must [once in a while] deviate from the conventional stream of life and head for some adventure like climbing a mountain,flying, trekking etc

My parents being adventure enthusiasts have encouraged me all along.

Me flying at Virar  

Right now the task in hand is studies. During weekends I take off from the slopes at Virar and soar.

I hope to go cross country some day.


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