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As the Eagle of the Mountains
HAVING sOARED high in the AIR
Above the EARTH
Wings its way back to its
Resting Place
Being fatigued by its long flight
Having experienced the life of the
Returns finally to itself
Where it can sleep
Beyond all desires And
Beyond all dreams

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None lives for ever brother, and nothing lasts for long
Keep that in mind and rejoice.
Our life is not the old burden; our path is not one long journey.
One sole poet has not to sing, one aged song.
The flower fades and dies, but he who wears the flower has not to mourn for it forever.
Brother, keep that in mind and rejoice.

There must come a full pause, to weave perfection into music
Life droops towards its sunset, to be drowned in the golden shadows
Love must be called from its play, to drink sorrow, and to be borne to the heavens of tears
Brother, keep that in mind and rejoice.

We hasten to gather the flowers, lest they are plundered by the passing winds
It quickens our blood, and brightens our eyes, to snatch kisses that would vanish if we delayed
Our life is eager; our desires are keen, for time tolls the bell of parting
Brother, keep that in mind and rejoice.

There is no time for us to clasp a thing, and crush it, and fling it away to the dust
The hours trip rapidly away, hiding their dreams in their skirts
Our life is short, it yields but a few days for love
Were it for work and drudgery, it would be endlessly long
Brother, keep that in mind and rejoice.

Beauty is so sweet to us, because she dances to the same fleeting tune with our lives
Knowledge is so precious to us, because we shall never have time to complete it
All is done and finished in eternal Heaven
But earth`s flowers of illusion are kept eternally fresh, by death
Brother, keep that in mind and rejoice.


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