The World of the Flying Bull

Venu Warrior

Hi! This is Venugopal Warrior aka: the Flying bull. Actually I got this name thanks to OldCock our head instructor, due to the fact that the grass on our slopes at Virar was disappearing without a trace and I seemed to be putting on a lot of weight.

Well I am an electrician by trade and I go Paragliding every weekend and whenever required as I happen to help out with the training in the WPA as well. I have been flying from October 1996, after having a very limited training from a Korean instructor who thought that basic training meant just picking up the wing, running down the hill and leaving the rest up to his signals. There was no refinement at all in his training. He got us doing that over and over without telling us about the finer points about free flight. Then I started my training under the Oldcock and the WPA, after which I think that only place to go is UP, UP and away. I still remember my first individual flight in which Oldcock and me went up the hill and after he took off, I remember my backside scratching for a flight and I unpacked my Bomb, laid it out, strapped in, ran like the Devil was after me and took off (all this after a break of almost 6 months). Then I started screaming like hell to gain his (Oldcock’s) attention for getting down. After that it was an uphill task to learn to soar, but slowly I seem to be getting the hang of it.

 My other hobbies are Motorcycles and Automobiles.

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